Children’s needs that buyers need to take into account before finalising a home deal and does this have an effect on property prices?

Children’s needs: People often do not pay attention to the children’s needs, when they purchase a home. As kids usually spend more time at home as compared to their parents, property owners and buyers should make sure that the home fulfils their needs. Moreover, the house should also be able to fulfil the child’s changing trends, as they grow up and mature.

“There are numerous good reasons why kids should be the crucial consideration while buying a home. Everything that transpires within a family, directly or indirectly includes children. Even young couples, who do not yet have children, will still consider this as an important key while choosing a residential property,” In a country like India, where emotional bonds are strong, it is natural for people to make significant investments, based on the present and future needs of our kids.


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Things to consider, as per children’s needs

Experts advise that buyers on a tight budget, should focus on connectivity, rather than location. One should invest in a location that is well- connected and not in a location that is centrally located. Builders are also recognising that children’s needs play, in property transactions. Therefore, they are coming up with projects that cater to their requirements.

“While buying a home, important factors depends on the various phases of life – a new born, teenager and an adult,”.

“Medical facilities should be readily accessible, not only for children but also for other members of the home. Everyone will agree on the importance of great educational institutions being available in the vicinity. Today, people also look at connectivity to nearby amusement parks, theatres, pubs, malls and food outlets,” 


Children’s requirements and its consequence on property costs

Nevertheless, the accessibility of good education, green spaces, connectivity, health care facilities, shopping malls, etc., will add to the price of the property. “As the comfort and convenience that a particular location offers increases, so does the price. It all boils down to what kind of a budget you are working with,”.

However, a home is importantly a family-oriented space and should not cost more because it is children-friendly. If certain developers want to charge a premium for specific children-oriented features or services, there should be a clear and visible justification and its cost should be equal to any other property, with similar lifestyle facilities.